Welcome to our shoe laundry service camp, Pune.

At our shoe laundry service, we understand the importance of keeping your shoes clean and well-maintained. That’s why we offer a comprehensive shoe laundry service to help you get your footwear looking and smelling fresh again.

Our shoe laundry process is simple and effective. First, we start by thoroughly cleaning the exterior of your shoes. This includes removing dirt, mud, and stains using specialized cleaning products and techniques. Next, we tackle the inside of your shoes, removing any lingering odors and refreshing the interior with a gentle, yet effective, deodorizing spray.

Shoe Laundry in Camp, Pune - Chimo Shoe Repair

Once your shoes are clean and refreshed, we’ll give them a thorough inspection to ensure that they’re in good condition and ready to wear. If we notice any issues, such as worn soles or damaged heels, we’ll let you know and provide recommendations for any necessary repairs.

In addition to our basic shoe laundry service, we also offer a number of other services to help keep your shoes looking and feeling their best. These include heel and sole replacements, leather conditioning, and more.

So if you’re in need of a thorough shoe cleaning and rejuvenation, give us a call or stop by our store to learn more about our shoe laundry service. We look forward to helping you keep your footwear looking and feeling great!


 A shoe laundry service is a service that cleans and rejuvenates shoes, typically through the use of specialized equipment and cleaning products. This can include removing dirt and stains, conditioning the leather, and repairing any damage to the shoes.

Most types of shoes can be cleaned through a shoe laundry service, including sneakers, dress shoes, boots, and sandals. Some services may also offer specialized cleaning for certain materials, such as suede or canvas.

The length of time for a shoe laundry service will depend on the condition of the shoes and the services being performed. Some basic cleaning services may take just a few hours, while more extensive repairs or restoration may take several days or longer.

 The cost of a shoe laundry service will vary depending on the services being performed and the condition of the shoes. It is best to contact the shoe repair service directly for a quote.